Monday, 2 July 2012

Trafford the TPT and Twitter - We may have won!

It seems we may have a result......

A nice man from Trafford MBC has contacted me via email to say 

"Having visited the site in question last week I can appreciate the problem – as you may be aware Trafford Council already use the RADAR system so extending it to countryside sites is logical and overdue."


"I will keep you informed of developments as I now need to source a supplier and arrange alterations to the gates themselves so that the new padlocks can be accommodated."

What fantastic news!

I have also at this point got to thank the people at Slater Heelis in Sale, who very kindly helped me to look into the legalities of the access problems.  It would seem just the mere mention of their name sends local authorities into a tail spin.  I really am grateful.

And also thank you so very much to Trafford for listening at last.


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