Monday, 3 December 2012

Mud Wrestling - Forays into Cyclocross

I am not sure how it happened.

Like when you see a car accident and days later you cant recall the facts.  Your brain has a way of wiping things out and filling in the blanks.

I am not sure who suggested it first.

Its probably for the best.

So I am taking the plunge and having a go at Cyclocross.  I am blaming for this.  Chatting on twitter, I am sure it is entirely her fault.

Thinking about it though, its not all n+1 it would make sense to ditch the hybrid and get a CX bike.  My only problem is coming to this conclusion just before Christmas.

I could use our bike to work scheme, but I really dont want to leave £700 worth of bike anywhere.  My other option is second hand.

Therein lies a completely different problem, in that I ride teeny tiny bikes. Being only 5'2" means I am on a 48cm frame and they just dont get sold second hand very often.

So.................back to ebay...............

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