Tuesday, 8 January 2013

More of the Great Trouser Debacle

After my post about trying to find 'non sporty spice unlycra cycle clothing' that I could cycle in for more than a few miles, went a little ballistic, I have been trying out one or two high street offerings.

After a recommendation from a twitter friend Ella Wrediddlefors (@runpaintrunrun) I tried the Marks and Spencer Jeggings.

See a skinny person slinking about in them below, but turn the sound down, or you may think you are on hold to your bank or in a lift.

Note the person in the video is skinny. I am not. But being skinny does not have to be a prerequisite for skinny jeans or jeggings.  It is however a cardinal sin to have massive thighs in them. It gives you the aptly named carrot legs.

I have since taken them back and wired my teeth together.

Feeling fat and dejected, I stumbled across these in George. The Great Bum and Tum Jeans

Now most of you who cycle a lot wont need anything to give you a great bum or tum.  But the one thing that struck me is the high waist.  This has really helped with the cold bit of back that you get wearing normal jeans (as well as the added benefit of keeping the muffin top on check)

My only couple of dislikes are they are not available in different lengths yet so I will need to take them to The Zip Yard as they do a nice alteration where they keep the original hem. Also, they have a tendency to loose their shape somewhat. But so far so good.  Baby steps and all that.

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