Wednesday, 27 March 2013


I was lucky enough to be part of last years trial for Toddlebike and the lovely Jo Hockley.

It occurred to me when Jo asked for the next batch of testers that it had been a year that we had been toddlebiking.

Here is a link to my review on the Toddlebike site 

Harry got his Toddlebike at 18mths and after a few false starts he was away.  The fact it is light enough to be picked up by a small toddler meant it came everywhere with us and the design meant that if he got fed up and wanted to walk, it was easy to hang on the buggy.

I may suggest to Jo a carrying strap for days when you are without the buggy.

Harrys love of his toddlebike, meant that for a while he turned into a miniature Madge from Benidorm choosing to scoot everwhere, even in the house rather than walk.

One morning he managed to get his entire breakfast ready and eat it without ever getting off his trusty steed!

As I mentioned in my review on the official site, the fact he used it so very much meant his transition to two wheels was very rapid indeed.  He had his second birthday party at one of the Strider Cup sessions at the Velodrome in Manchester.  

We even made an appearance on BBC Breakfast!

So 12 mths after and now having progressed onto two wheels is our relationship with Toddlebike consigned to the past?

Well I will admit, I thought it might be.  It was what I had expected.  But considering the price of Toddlebike, I didn't mind one bit.

But no!  A year later and it is still without equal in the played with stakes.  It is an almost constant companion.  Perhaps it is because we are lucky to have enough indoor space for him to scoot, I don't know.  I had thought about donating it to his Nursery, but they will have to wait quite some time I think!

I genuinely can't say enough nice things about Toddlebike.  I wish the company and Jo every success for the future.


  1. Great stuff. Loved the BBC slot, lots of happy riders. My little one adores his Toddlebike. Had it since christmas and he is rarely parted from it.

  2. I was also one of the lucky ones who got to test the Toddle Bike and my boy loved it!