Thursday, 18 July 2013

Get Britain Cycling Debate in the Houses of Parliament - 2nd September

"Britain’s cycling revolution is to move a step closer, with MPs due to meet in the House of Commons in September to debate a landmark report on how to design safer streets, reduce traffic jams and boost public health.
On the first day back after summer recess, on September 2, the debate will take place in the main chamber of the House of Commons to discuss the findings of the ‘Get Britain Cycling’ inquiry, set up in response to the Times Cities Fit for Cycling campaign.
In February last year, 77 MPs from around the UK gathered in Westminster Hall to raise concerns over congested streets and a lack of cycle paths in their constituencies and the need for cyclists to be better trained. They now have the chance to support measures which would address these issues and encourage people to commute by bike instead of car.
A panel of MPs and peers submitted the ‘Get Britain Cycling’ report in April with 18 recommendations on how the Government should increase investment in cycling infrastructure, improve training for cyclists and motorists, lower speed limits in residential areas and introduce stricter planning guidelines for how roads are designed.
Between October 2011 and September 2012, 3,270 cyclists were killed or seriously injured on Britain’s roads — a 29 per cent increase on the 2005-2009 average — while 15,800 cyclists suffered minor injuries.

The Times is calling on all MPs to attend the ‘Get Britain Cycling’ debate, to be held in the Chamber of the House of Commons on Monday September 2."

So I have written to my MP to ask him to attend:

Dear Graham Brady,

I am asking that you attend the Get Britain Cycling debate on Monday 2nd of September.

The issue is so important for very many different reasons.

We as a nation are the fattest in Europe. 

Our towns and cities are becoming choked with unnecessary motorised transport holding back the economy and stunting growth. Most of these journeys are of very small mileage (DoT own figures) and it should not be the default that someone hops in their car for a trip of around 3 miles.

The Lancet has recently published a report that draws a link between air pollution and a 20% increase in lung disease and heart failure.

We need a government that will stand firm against the motoring lobby like previous governments did with the powerful tobacco lobby. 

And the intolerable deaths mostly but not only on the roads in London.

You only have to look in Trafford to see what an effect decent
infrastructure can have. The Bridgewater Way is responsible for significantly reducing the number of cars on the A56. But we need to see this everywhere and not the piecemeal approach we have seen in the past.

Please, please, as my MP attend the debate and show a commitment to Get Britain Cycling.

Yours sincerely,


To his credit, he has replied. Sadly with an 'unable to attend' RSVP.

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