Monday 21 October 2013

Showing the wrinkles - solving the problems

The idea that cycle campaigns are accentuating the danger in cycling

I may actually scream.




The idea that I shouldn't worry, because, statistically, cycling is safe.

Statistically, I wont be another woman under a lorry.

Statistically, I am more at risk sitting on my arse.

There aren't enough expletives in my vocabulary to express my anger at being patronised in such a way.

Because no matter what you get statistics to say, I have real genuine fear cycling along some roads.  Some are a complete no go.

That fear is magnified a million times when I think of my children taking to the streets.

To give me a virtual pat on the head and tell me my fear isn't real, has enraged me.

I am off to calm down

1 comment:

  1. Spot on Emma, whoever you are. Cycling should be welcoming and inviting, it should feel safe on all roads you might want to use.