Monday, 8 July 2013

Altrincham Festival 2013

What a day!

We managed to get a 'cycling float' included in this years Altrincham Festival Parade.  A wonderful idea by Pippa a fellow Breeze Champion.

The interest from other cyclists was overwhelming and we had to eventually promise not to swell too greatly in numbers once the organisers caught whiff of our float snowballing.

Without telling too many people what we had planned, we suddenly had 40 or so people agreeing to come along.

We were joined by Altrincham Bike ShakMad Cycle Lanes of Manchester, Councillor Jane Brophy , Richard Alderson, and the all ability cycle group Simply Cycling with their adapted bikes.

I went for the frock and heels look, whilst towing a trailer.  Mainly in part to show, what you wear need not be a barrier to cycling.  We are not all Lycra Louts.

We assembled at St Margaret's in Bowdon.  It was very hot but the lovely leafy street kept most of the sun at bay. Thanks to Halfords Altrincham who came with lots of hooters for the kids and were on hand in case anyone had a mechanical problem.

The parade got underway and it was a slow stop/start downhill into Altrincham

So slow and stop start, Richard started an impromptu Brompton folding lesson.

A great picture of some of the Simply Cycling adapted bikes.

Andrew from Bike Shak managed to capture us on camera.

I found this YouTube clip which made me smile.

Towards the end about 8.30 is us.  The lady remarks "They've never had cyclists before", to which her friend replies "Its good though! Why not?"

We also won a commendation!

Considering how last minute we organised it all, the day went wonderfully well, mainly thanks to Pippa being a whiz at organising things and approaching everything with a 'if you don't ask you don't get' attitude.

I can't wait to do it all again.

For those that asked, my dress is the velo dress from Great Plains.  Its on special offer too at the moment!!

It is a lovely dress and so many people have commented on it.  Thank you x


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